I was wondering what to eat for my evening snack today and thought of making this quick avocado toast.Funny how I tittled this post "breakfast"when I just had it now for my night snack lol...I don't know what I would do without my peppermint tea by the way! INGREDIENTS ▪️ Toasted Soda Bread ▪️ Avocado... Continue Reading →


One thing I love to do in my kitchen is experimenting with my pasta.I love pasta dishes solely because they're quick to make and when cooked with love,the taste is heavenly! This is my super healthy recipe of the day-Well,stay tuned... Ingredients: ▪️Olive Oil Spread ▪️Cayenne Pepper ▪️Garlic ▪️Green,red and yellow peppers ▪️Red Onions ▪️Green... Continue Reading →

When I first saw my eyelash extensions shedding off,I thought I could improvise by balancing them off with mascara-Terrible move as it became a bit of a "nightmare" taking it off! We advise that you opt for a non waterproof mascara hence easy to remove thus if you really need to use one lol. It... Continue Reading →

I'm over the moon to share this journey with you all-This is an official intro of #LASHTIPSBYSHEILAMO Stay tuned-Let's do this! ©sheilamo.com Sheila Mo Cierpikowska

I took this picture about 2 hours ago just to share that it is a treasure word that resonates with me from my current read Nothing to lose 1 by Bishop Macedo.Without being truthful-We can't really get the help that we need to be a better people. Sheila Mo Cierpikowska

Today I talked to someone who listened to me and it made such an impact on me that it got me meditating on a deep conversation I had with a dear friend a good few weeks ago... It is so important to listen to others with no interruptions or whatsoever because then through understanding where... Continue Reading →

Most of us have God given gifts and we tend to take for granted the urgency to take a break from most probably social media,toxic relationships,hectic lifestyles hence divert all the attention into what gives us sanity...We are only able take bold steps of faith such learning a new skill when our minds are less... Continue Reading →

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