My Healthy Breakfast Challenge for 21 Days | Day 3 | Super Healthy Egg Muffins

I enjoy playing around with eggs and I had fun baking my muffins today.


They are ridiculously delecious!

I fried my veggies on the stove first (starting with the hardest to cook)for about 2 minutes then mixed them with 4 eggs.I filled up the muffin tray.Since I don’t like wasting food…I poured the rest that couldin’t fit into my muffin tray on a plate and popped them together in the oven for less than 10 minutes.

I had the omlet which was on the  plate with soda bread.




2016-06-07 19.44.49
Now this is what I call a combo lol!

☆Olive Oil
☆Spring onion
☆Garden Peas
☆ Kuchareck vegetable seasoning (Polish brand)
☆Natural Quinoa sprout mix (sprouted alfalfa,lentil,quinoa,sango radish & daikon radish)
☆Natural lentil sprout mix (sprouted mung bean,lentil crimson,adult bean & chickpea)

I love omlets because you can use whatever vegetables you like.It doesen’t necessarily have to be exactly like mine but feel free to use less ingredients if you like.

Bytheway,I bought the Quinoa and lentil sprout mix from Tesco’s at the healthier option shelve.


Happy Breakfast!

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