I’ve realised that most of us at times struggle a lot in achieving our goals (For example; gym goals…)and we sit down and ask ourselves the million dollar question Why??We  try coming up with countless excuses and it all boils down to LACK OF SELF DISCIPLE.

Tell you what,When we lack self dscipline to stay committed to our daily goals or anything that could make us a better person-We are contending with ourselves.

I like checking words in the dictionery even if I think I have an idea of the meaning of the word.

Let’s see what my dear friend Oxford says: 

NOW,This is the thing we are talking about-Lack of Self Discipline.

 I like the way they’ve explained it here.This has everything to do with overcoming our feelings.This is basically doing something wether or not we feel like doing it.Thus utterly going against of what we feel.I say to myself at at times:

“It might be hard now but I’m doing this because it’s  good for me!I will see the rewards soon…”

Now,how do I develop this good habit?

I’m not perfect but I’m a work in progress.I’m writing these posts for myself as well.Mhhh,you laugh….On a serious note though.Wait till I tell you!I’ll give you a perfect example.A few weeks ago I made goals to stay fit but I lately realised that I haven’t been disciplined enough to stay committed  to my gym schedule.See,I’m not perfect!On the other hand,the good news is that I decided to overcome my weaknesses and get  back on track…

One thing is to be stuck in indiscipline and another thing is to overcome it.

Now you may ask,who are you to give me advise…God can use anyone to help us.Remember-He rode on a donkey and He was glorified.

In saying this I remember a girl from my native country who gave me advise to enroll in an entrepreneurial school when she wanted to apply but somehow didn’t.The course was something that I had been searching for years and then I finally met someone who was generous enough to introduce me to it.

Going back to the question of how to be  disciplined…

▶Write it down.

▶Stay commited.

▶Motivate yourself

▶Think about the the positive end results.(Visualise this)

▶Go against your feelings.

▶Say this to your macho self:”I’m gonna do this whether I like it or not!”.

▶Enjoy what you do.

▶Give everything that you do your very best.

▶Motivate yourself.(Self Motivation).

▶Believe in yourself that you have self discipline.It will develop.(I’ve practiced this before and it worked.You know the fake it until you make it kind of way-This is the secret.)

▶Be true to yourself-Keep your word and do what you said you will do.

▶Be confident.

▶Be consistent.

I don’t know wih you guys,above all, I ask help from God because without Him-I can do nothing!I believe in myself + God and amazing things happen.


2 thoughts on “ Why-Lack of Self Discipline

  1. we are all a work in progress – if you look that way, there are no bad and great days, there are only days when we learn something new on our mistakes 🙂

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