7 Tips to Staying Consistent Hence On Top of Your Game

They say 7 is a number of perfection.14-Even better.The more the merrier-A tremendous outcome.
Ever since I was published as an  author, I’ve been overwhelmed with the love and support from my family,friends,colleques,acquaintances and followers.I will forever be greatful for such warm hearts.I want to thank each and everyone of you guys for your amazing support!

I get beautiful messages such as:

“Congratulations,how did you do it?”

“I’m inspired!”


“Your book,What?”

“Where can I get your book?I want to read it…”

“I’m so proud of you Sheila!”

“You go homegirl!”

“This is my dream as well…”

“Who helped you?”

“I’m reading your book,I want to sit down with you when I finish it…”

“My kids got inspired and they’ve even started writing their own stories everyday !”

(She is one of the 3 kids that have started writing their own stories everyday!I know-Mind blowing…)

I used to think that writing was hard until I started.

I used to think publishing a book was hard until I got published.

I used to think  “one book” until my first edition inspired me to think plural.

It’s time to get the I can’t,It’s hard,It’s expensive,what will people think out of your head and vocabulary .

 From my personal experience,I’ve tried these simple habits and Im confident that they’ll help you as well.  

1.Start Somewhere

Rule of the thumb.

2.Write it down.Rather;Write.Write.Write.

Nothing that happens to a writer is ever wasted.

3.Plan Ahead 

You won’t be disappointed.

4.Have a thick skin

I’ll go deeper into the subject in my future posts.

5.Start Calling yourself a writer even if you are not yet published 

You will be surprised with the respect + favours you get…Yes,you will thank me much later on.

See,I set up a facebook page as a writer(when I wasen’t yet published)and gained over 10K followers from spreading motivational and inspirational  posts to encourage others.

 I edited my instantgram profile to “Writer” when I wasen’t yet published.

Call those things that are not as if they were.

6.Read a lot

You want people to read your books,so read theirs as well-You will learn a lot!

7.Believe in yourself.

Avoid seeking approval from others.The only person we need approval of is God. 

Just to add a bit more…
8.Be consistent.




  1. 1.

    consistent behaviour or treatment.

    “the consistency of measurement techniques”

    synonyms: evenness, steadiness,stabilityconstancy,regularityuniformity,equilibriumunity,orderliness, lack of change,lack of deviation;dependability, 

    • 2.

      the way in which a substance holds together; thickness or viscosity.

      “the sauce has the consistency of creamed butter”

      synonyms: thicknessdensityfirmness,solidityviscositycohesion,heaviness, degree of thickness, degree of density;


      “you need a jug of rich cream of pouring consistency”

    See you!


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