I once came across a quote that said:

“Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from all negativity.”

Both the battle and freedom are within.We have power over our thoughts to either become free or slaves.

You and I have a choice to choose what we want to think.This power is called faith.Everyone has this power.It is a free undeserved gift from God.The most annoying thing is self pity!No one wants to listen to anyone who complains.We want to be around people who inspire us.Don’t we all?I have faith to believe that I’m NOT a negative person. I also have confidencle to believe that I am an optimistic being.See the difference?

You know you are strong when:

•You have power over evil thoughts.

•You can push yourself to think positive, encourage,motivate yourself and others.

•Admit  that you need help hence seek it sap.


Learn to say NO-How about starting with negativity?



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