I’ve experienced something really blizzare of late and I tell you I must share…
It’s very hard to say no but if you want to go far in life,you must learn how to say no.

Say you help someone get a really good job,where you work for instance.Then they want to know how much money you make-Whaaat?I don’t know with you but a question of telling someone your wages or how much money you make just like that it’s a huge deal to me.It’s understandable when you share your figures for marketing reasons-Then it’s grand…

Anyway,I told her no the first time and I noticed that it annoyed her…She came back to ask me again and I looked her straight in her eyes and said in the kindest way possible; “You know…like I said to you last time,I just can not share such private things with you…”She got even more annoyed.You know when people are greatful or in a competition with you.It’s very unfair when do your very best to help someone and all they do is to prove to you that they don’t have your best interests at heart but in a race with you.Well if you happen to make the mistake of telling them what you are not supposed to tell them, the next thing they want is your husband!Mhhh,you laugh…We have to be careful of what we share.I choose to stay away from such toxic frienships and rather pray for them from afar…Mind you,life is like an elevator where in one way or the other, you must stop to let some someone out!

Lessons learnt here;

1.Stand firm in your No’s

2.Never be afraid to say No-It might just set you free from future turmoils.

3.Know when to draw the line.

4.Let go of toxic relationships. 

5.Private life should remain private.

Sheila Mo

2 thoughts on “When I say “No” It’s a “No”-When To Draw The Line

  1. Hey Sheila, I’ve just been accepted to write on millionaires digest, I know you write for them to and was just wondering if you’d be able to answer a question for me? How do i get my posts publish, do I put it as a draft or what?

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