1.Decide to be confident

Each and every one of us has the power to decide what we want to be.Confidence is a choice-So what do you choose?

2.Trust and believe in yourself

If you don’t trust yourself-No one will trust nor believe in you period.

3.Never stop learning 

Confident people read a lot.Develop a habit of reading smart books that will add value to your life.Say you are reading and you come across a word that you don’t understand-Google it!

4.Listen 80% and talk 20%

You want to be listened to…How about starting off by being a good listener yourslef? You’l be amazed of how much you’l learn from listening to others.

5.Head over feelings 

Giving yourself time to process it in your head before you take action will help you make better choices that eventually lead to a more confident you.

6.Practice makes perfect

Don’t beat yourself up,we become better people with practice.

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7.Take deep breaths hence speak clearly + slowly

Speaking slowly breaks the anxiety and makes you look super confident.

8.Look others straight in their eyes when you are talking to them

Ever had a conversation with someone who was talking to you but just couldin’t look into your eyes?What came to the top of your head when you saw that?Two things-Either they are shy or not sincere.If you want what you say to be valued-search those eyeballs…

9.Fake it until you make it

Tell you what?most confident people that you see now have been here before…You gotta start somewhere right?

10.Develop your skills

How many times have you missed a great opportunity because of lack of self confidence?Isn’t it time to invest?

11.Get in touch with a life coach or a mentor

Sometimes we just need that boost.

12.Make as many mistakes as you can and be sure to learn from them

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes-We are imperfect people living in an imperfect world…


Ever thought of giving yourself a homework of a thorough research on confidence?Whilst you are on it,be sure to scribble down key things that you are learning.

14.Choose 3 confident people that inspire you and learn from them

This is not to copy anyone but rather learn good habits that will add value to your self-confidence development.

15.Stop caring of what others think of you

Believe you or me-They couldin’t care less…

16.Invest in your body language

Little things such as starting an educational channel on YoTube where you’l have the opportunity to watch yourself grow can do great wonders to your confidence.If you want to go deeper you can find a body language expect near you to help you…

17.Don’t wait for an opportunity… 

..but create one by preparing well ahead of time.You don’t have to wait to be a certified life coach to start helping others.You don’t have to wait to be a published author to start writing… (For instance;My first book was compiled from some of the articles from my first blog).

18.Trust your struggle

The best life changing stories often come from pain,hurt and struggle,so trust your struggle.

19.Be yourself

Nothing beats sincerity!

20.Be a game changer 

Invest in helping others and being a kind person.There is nothing as priceless as giving back.A little act of kindness goes miles away and always has a way of boosting one’s confident.

Stay confident!

Sheila Mo

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