Don’t you just love technology when you can do stuff at the comfort of your own home?I’ve done a couple of digital interviews via HireVue and I just want to share some practical tips gained from my personal experience,just so you prepare well for your dream job…

▶Part 1 | To do list 

1. Prepare for your digital interview well ahead of time

Planning ahead will save you time and increase your chances of being hired.

2. Take notes

Why not?-Successful people have a habit of taking notes.

3. Make sure that you do your interview within the time frame they gave you (the sooner the better)

Remember-They give you one chance to prove yourself-You might get another chance to retake your interview though..

4. Ensure that you have a strong wiFi/mobile internet connection for your video recording to be a success

Just to make sure…

5. Ensure that you have enough light wherever you’l be recording your interview

Excellent lighting will help your video look good and proffessional.

6. Ensure that there are no distractions or whatsoever during your digital interview

You don’t want your dog popping in during your interview lol

7. Download the HireVue App from your playstore instead of downloading it through the link your potential employer sent you

This is to avoid experiencing any technical difficulties or whatsoever.

8. Type in your interview code instead of copying and pasting it on the HireVue App

Keep avoiding any technical difficulties!

9. Don’t hesitate to chat with HireVue support incase you experience any difficulties during your interview

They are promt and their advise is super helpful.

10. Be confident and happy during your recording.Positive energey has a tendency to draw good things…

Learn More…

11. Watch the tutorial video before you even attempt to take your actual interview.

Trust me,you will find this useful.

12. Have at least 3 videos practicing the 5 common interview questions I’ve listed below before you do your actual interview.

It will surely boost your confidence.

13. Make sure that you manage your time well during the interview.

This is for you to take care in watching the clock during your interview.Avoid going in circles when answering your interview questions.Why?-Time flies if you go in circles instead of giving  specific answers.

14. Last but not least-Visualise yourself working for your potential employer.

Never limit your vision!

15. Don’t wait for a reply but start  preparing for your live interview (Thus your 2nd interview)

Don’t be worrying-If you don’t get this job-there will definalty be another one in future that you will get.This is just so you develop a habit of planning ahead regardless of any given opportunity…
▶Part 2 | 5 common interview questions to expect  

1. Tell us about yourself?

The employer is not expecting to hear about your personal life but your professional background.

2.Why do you want to work for us?

Make sure that you’ve done a good research about your potential employer-Google them up…

3.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

You would want to give a general answer here just so you don’t sabotage your chances of nailing that job.All they want to hear about is your career goals and to see if you have the right motivated attitude to be part of their team.

4.What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Make sure that you are sincere when you talk about your weaknesses.This is also a perfect time to up sell your professional skills.

5.What do you do for fun?

Your potential employer wants to make sure that you are an approachable individual who will fit their team.Do your best not to talk about stuff that is too personal but rather show them that you do invest in self development(thus if you are…)- Keep it professional + truthful.

Any thoughts with the digital interview age?What were your experiences during your digital interview?

Sheila Mo Cierpikowska

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