Hey guys!

I love basics so much and I just wanted to share some of the basics that I have in my closet.This was me in on of our after church photoshoot with the one and only hubby dearest…

Now,about the look:

It’s always super handy to have dress up flats such as these soley becase they go with everything.

I’m telling you-These were made for walking…Comfort is everything when it comes to shoes!

I got the blouse from PRIMEMARK.

Black & White tee is a must have in every girl’s wardrobe.

A handbag can make or break your outfit..

So I would be careful when shopping around for one.Ablack,timeless,elegant clutch bag would make you look well put together by the way-It doesen’t necessarily have to be a designer brand-No need to break the bank lol.Something that can work both ways(with or without a strap/chain)does the trick.

How I love accessories…

I got the alsmost Gucci belt belt + all my accessories from PRIMEMARK.The pleated silver skirt was from Zara clearance sale.I hardly ever buy anything on full price because I always felt ripped off when I saw something th a I purchased on sale lol.

Be sure to subscribe to my yo tube channel lovies-I’ll defiantly be doing more of these #MoneySaving#StyleHacks# vlogs.
Be Bold & Be a Blessing!

Sheila Mo

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