Hello friends!

What a blessing to see my family and relatives after so long!

I came to study in Ireland six years ago with plans to go back after five years but God obviously had other plans for me…I’m actually glad that He did solely because He was able to strengthen my relationship with Him hence help me accomplish my goals and much more through using my faith in Him.

I’ve missed my family,I’ve cried,I’ve been home sick, I’ve been called names for not visiting home,I almost gave up,I’ve been ill, I’ve struggled but persevered until I overcame my battles in these almost six years-In simplier terms,I never gave up.

I’m at a place where I look back and I can confidently say that it was all God’s plan to have come this far.Had I gone home sooner,I would be telling a totally different story or probably not in this life time. I can’t help but remember the story of Abraham when God commanded him to leave his native land and go to a land that he didn’t know nothing about.I add my one plus ones and only realise that it is exactly what happened to me in so many levels.There are blessings that we will only receive when we relocate to a certain area,just as in my case where I had to move far away from my family and relatives so they too can be blessed.This doesn’t only apply to a place we live in-We could be hindering our progression because of a relationship(s) we don’t want to let go,some behaviours or bad habits we don’t want to stop and you name it.I decided to take such a bold move because it was very challenging to be the only one of a christian faith from my family at the time.I was always backsliding because I was young in faith. My greatest desire is to see all my entire household giving their lives to God but we all know that we can’t impose Jesus on anyone. To God be the glory that after so many years, some of my relatives have started going to the same church that I go to.Well,two is better than one.Do you see how God works?He strengthens our individual faith so He can also win our loved ones to Him.Thank goodness that the same church that I attend can be found in more than 100 countries around the world thus including my native country.The same message that is being preached in Ireland is shared everywhere around the globe. It was such a blessing to go to church with my relatives back in my homeland.I’m back in Europe because my husband is from here which has now made Ireland my dearly loved second home-It is truly amazing how life can unfold. Had I not relocated to Europe;

  • My family members would all be far from God, including me.
  • I wouldn’t have such an amazing relationship with God.
  • I wouldn’t be happily married to the love of my life.
  • I wouldn’t be so content and happy.
  • I wouldn’t be a published author.
  • I wouldn’t have graduated from one of the best universities in Ireland.
  • I wouldn’t have established my own makeup brand & skin care line, and I could go on and on…

I’m not boasting my dear friends.I’m simply sharing my testimony through my faith in believing that some fraction of what I’ve shared here could in some way help someone. We’ve been chosen to be a beacon of light to our friends and loved ones so they can find salvation through us.We are not meant to be perfect but we can be good examples to others so they too can know this faith in Jesus Christ.

In a nutshell;

  • My family has blessed me.
  • Coming back to my family in Ireland also made me realize one more thing that’s been missing in my life-Travelling. I just can’t wait to share more of what’s coming.

Anyone living far from home?How is your experience?Leave me your comment,I want to hear from you… Be a blessing! Sheila Mo

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