Hello my dearest of friends!

Say hey to SHEILA MO NATURAL SKINCARE line! All the glory to Jesus!Come to think of it,SHEILA MO BEAUTY (makeup line) was never formally introduced too-Apologies dearest(s).

I must come up with a serious like proper intro though…

The plan here was to post a video that I recorded a few weeks ago about my skin care routine,well it looks it didn’t turn out the way that it was meant to… So what now? I have to record it all over again-The joys of a youtube beginner…I’m telling you!

Now, about the beauty line:Truth be told,I wanted to launch a line that I genuinely believe in.I’ve perceived my dreams but I never in a million years imagined I would be so content,passionate and happy doing what I love so much-A total assurance that indeed God’s ways are higher than ours!

You want to be careful when it comes to using your own name as a brand…Come to think of it once again,SHEILA MO brand comes from the name of my Word Press blog here!Tell you what,I should actually thank this lovely girl from my local church whom out of the blue just started calling me SHEILA MO!Now-that is where the brand truely begun!I always thought she called me that way because my forma surname MOKGALAGADI is like the hardest surname to pronounce like literally!Jokes aside,it’s way deeper than that…I won’t touch that sacred space-All I can do is to thank my Lord Jesus Christ!

Going back to the subject matter-Personally,quality is everything when it comes to a beauty product.So I had made up my mind that I wasn’t even going to take any chances of putting my name on anything that didn’t represent me.After intense research, disappointments and all,everything eventually worked out to our good!

To sum it all up,so it happens that I’ve been on an absolute very long journey since late last year-Testing samples,back and forth on emails + phone calls with manufacturers,embracing honest feedback from end users and you name it!I’m excited as well to share with you that I was inspired to go on a 40 day skin care routine challenge using only SHEILA MO and oh boy,I tell you-I would do it over and over again!

If you wanna know more about it…

Anyways,this is a quick video series of how to use the products so feel free to check out our instantgram page @sheilamonaturalskincare for future updates and monthly giveaways.

Again,for more about how to use Anise Organic Foaming Wash-Do feel free to check out our description below this youtube video.

Sheila Mo


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