What If We listened…

Today I talked to someone who listened to me and it made such an impact on me that it got me meditating on a deep conversation I had with a dear friend a good few weeks ago…

It is so important to listen to others with no interruptions or whatsoever because then through understanding where they coming from-God will give us the wisdom to counsel/guide/correct/encourage/comfort them thus IF we patiently listen to them.

What a privilege it is when others trust to open up to us but what are we doing when we don’t even let them finish what they want to tell us!

It is impolite to interrupt and quite frankly there is nothing worse than being cut off-Meaning they might even feel worse after opening up to us or regret even talking to us!Worst of all,where is the guidance then coming from if we don’t allow God to speak in our minds hence give us the right Words to say whilst listening to them?When we don’t allow God to speak through us,He won’t speak but our flesh will-How dangerous!

We want to be listened to but do we even listen ourselves...

What are we advising on if we don’t understand…

What are we advising on if we don’t listen…

…On a challenging journey of learning how to be a good listener-Sheila Mo Cierpikowska

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