Eyes spot on faith,

have a way of seeing 

lockdown as an incubator, echoes 

from a student of faith—in efforts to 

horn their walk with God.

Isn’t it google?

An incubator—

an enclosed apparatus,

in which premature,

or unusually small babies are placed,

and which provides a controlled,

and protective environment for their care.

Small babies in faith, 

ever super ready to learn, 

everytime lockdown surfaces

—incubator of faith, 

isn’t it faith student?

Plenty of time,

for one to shut the door

behind them, to seek God—who is in secret,

to cry out, to  repent, to seek more of Him.

Eyes spot on faith,

another lockdown—another opportunity,

to shut the door behind,

lockdown is an incubator…

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