Morning Meditation from the Old Testament;

But for Adam, there was not found a helper comparable to Him.(Genesis 2:20)

Men and women are wired differently. Where I’m I going with this? In regards to relationships, there are some things that a man may not understand about their woman or vice versa. As wives in faith, there is stuff we better keep between ourselves and God.

This applies to life in general too. We are not obliged to expose ourselves nor over share in the name of being transparent/comfortable in our own skins—A fruitful servant exercises self control. She’s is all about balance, and does not do anything to extremes.

A just balance and scales are the Lord’s; all the weights in the bag are his work. (Proverbs 16:11)

There will always be certain things or behaviours about us that others won’t understand. Why is it that tremendous opposition comes against you the minute you go on your faith, in pursuing what God has called on your life? There is only one explanation to it—God didn’t reveal your faith driven vision to them—They don’t understand, and they may never understand, because it’s not for them to understand. So give up on seeking validation from people. Jesus spoke in parables during His ministry. He did not cast away His pearls because it wasn’t for everyone to understand. Some talents are vocal, and some of us are wordsmiths in Christ (boast only in the Lord)—Simply meaning, His Spirit articulates in tongue + pen through some of His vessels of honour—and we are mocked in this regard? Oh give us a break! They are free to hate, to be sarcastic or choose to not be supportive—all they want, because only the remnant understand.

In note of relationships—remember, God is a redeemer. He can take a rib from someone in his deep sleep. He can make things right in your relationship/family—meaning, He will transform the bad going on in your life, to a testimony that will glorify His Holy name. Your bad, your testimony, and praise be to God!

Evening Meditation From The New Testament | What it means to wait on the Lord

“…and stay there until I bring you a word…” (Mathews Chapter 2:13)

What does God mean when He says wait?

Whilst I wait, He will bring me forth a word that will strengthen me to pursue my purpose, according to His will.

To wait in the spiritual realm doesn’t mean folding hands, and doing nothing. No ways. Do you remember when Jesus told His disciples to wait in Jerusalem? He was asking them to wait for the promise of the Holy Spirit. They waited by seeking Him, praying in unity, and in faith against all odds—They believed the answer will come, even when they didn’t see a thing/sign.

Tell you what, some things are worth the wait. What is better? To rush on stuff/show off? What would you rather? Be committed to a life of pleasing God in secret—where no can praise you/clap hands for you, until the Lord says, “Daughter of the Most High?Now, you can testify?”

Wait, don’t you get carried away over rushing things…Stay here until God brings you a Word—When the Word comes (God reveals it/makes it crystal clear for you to understand,) you will know, and when you know, you know.

Be encouraged family!

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