Heaven On Earth |Morning Meditation from the Old Testament;

Then the Lord God said “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, to know good and evil…”(Genesis 3:21.) God said this with a heavy heart.

I can imagine how it must have felt on God when such disobedience was exactly as Lucifer’s rebellion in Heaven when he wanted to be like God…

The behaviour of eating from the tree of life came from the deepest pits of hell, so God threw Adam and Eve out.

This garden was Heaven on earth. With the sacrifice that Jesus has done for us, we can still experience Heaven on earth amidst chaos, through the Person of the Holy Spirit, do we agree?

“Where are you?”(Genesis 3:8)

What a sad thing to be so entangled in sin to an extent of hiding from God—He called out—So sad. Life can’t stoop this low.

God made tunics of skin, and clothed them. (Genesis 3:21.) Then again, God is so merciful.

Let us talk about priorities | Evening Meditation from the New Testament;

By the way, a little side note here lol; Meet our beautiful cats that we gave for adoption…

Fluffy, and her kittens! Picture Credit—Sheila Mo

Mathews 4

Adam clearly prioritised Eve now, not God.

All I can think of is priorities, priorities and priorities—Say no more.

God warned Cain before he fell into sin, and we can see this lesson through The Holy Spirit who warns us before we fall short of the glory of God, amen?

I’m I my brother’s keeper? Cain had no fear of God at all and the Lord set a mark of him.

Far this be from us Lord we pray, Amen.

Family, I can’t help but reminisce on this anointed worship ( the link below.) Saying this respectfully, let us check our priorities and tear down the idols of fear, family, pets, fashion trends, you name it…

“We fear more of corona virus than we fear God, and have prepared more for this virus that for our eternal salvation.”—Chandler Moore


Be encouraged family,

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