Poem Inspired By Morning Meditation on Genesis 7

The King is coming!

2 by 2 You called

Fools laughed 

You say

Mockery was no more

When it flooded

You say

The weight of your love 

Shuts the wise in

1 by 1 You still calling 

Pandemic or no pandemic 

The King is coming

Rainbow or no rainbow 

The King is coming 

2 by 2 You called

1 by 1 You still calling 

The King is coming

Lockdown or no lockdown 

The King is coming 

Fools still laugh 

But the wise are ready

The King is coming 

Poem Inspired By Night Meditation on Mathews 7

A Poem Of Salvation

Trying to fix everybody up?

Better fix myself first.


Warriors never forget 

The golden rule.

There is no peekaboo

in the Kingdom.

A sister keeps seeking. 

A brother keeps knocking 

until something happens!

Roads are narrow here,

and there is no shortcut 

to Heaven.

Only the resilient

walk on water.

Discernment is that you?

Reveal the mask 

beneath the mask…

How we need a Devine


Doctor of Doctors—To get 

heavy hearts spotless,

we pray.

A heavy world we live in.

Tears stained by turmoils

of the pandemic.

I pray—You don’t say;

“I never knew you..”—

Ouch—God Forbid!

Deceived is to think

one is in a parade with You,

when hypocrisy has taken a toll—

God Forbid!

Tell me the quickest way 

to Heaven, please?

Vava voom!

Mirror, mirror on hearts.

Vava voom!

Lifestyle of repentance.

Vava voom!

Life built on the Rock—

a poem of Salvation—Man!

This cuts deep…

Amen family of faith?

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