Genesis 12

Abraham’s faith was great and truly worthy to look up to, and today I want us to see a mistake Abraham made that I believe God wants us to learn from.

Abraham lied and was afraid that the Egyptians would kill him because of Sarai’s beauty (Genesis 12:12). Even in our imperfections, God remains faithful because He sees the intentions of the heart.

Abraham looked at the problem instead of being grateful of what God has been doing throughout his life. Why didn’t he think/utter these words;

“The Egyptians will favour me because of my wife’s beautiful countenance…” God would have honoured his thoughts still!

The same goes with us all. Instead of focusing our faith on being grateful for what God has done throughout our lives, and to this day forward, we tend to entertain negativity, say the wrong things to our loved ones. I can only imagine how Sarai must have felt, and bottled it all up—when Abraham said they would be killed because of her. She was naturally beautiful and it surely wasn’t her fault. When trouble/pressure strikes—how often do we all think ( in the heat of the moment) we have the freedom to think/utter whatever we want about others, come up with conclusions of the worst case scenarios, and to top it all, blame our way of thinking on the innocent/others? 

In any case, Sarai held her peace,which is commendable. I’m not at all being biased here, for one; The gospel is for us all and because it could have been the other way round. If this very situation were reversed, Abraham might have held it all together too, and God’s grace and mercy protected them both still. It is truly amazing how some hold it all together at times..

What better relationships we would all have if only we could just hold some thoughts to ourselves, better still—utter them to God instead of lashing/just saying what we feel out loud? Then again, we aren’t all perfect, and we give thanks to God for His love, endless mercies and grace.

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