Matthews 10

The authority Jesus has given us

What’s the simple difference between having/knowing/exercising our authority in Christ?

Having the authority

I recently bought whip cream with the intent of baking with it. I forgot to use it and guess what? I noticed it was of no use because it expired. Again, it could cause food poisoning, so I threw it away.

What’s the point of having authority if we forget about it?

What’s the use of having the authority if we don’t use it? Failure to exercise our authority, and to rebuke all evil is the same as taking our authority for granted. Taking what is good for granted is the same as throwing away blessings.

Knowing the authority

Knowing without any action isn’t very effective.

Exercising the authority

This is the real mccoy. The more we use our authority, the more it gets refined. The more it all makes sense. The greater the blessings. The more we become the blessing, just like Abraham.

Take care of the lost sheep

When we freely give—selfless givers know how the strong ends.

Be peacemakers…

..and be wise and calm—comes with non ending practice and submission to God’s guidance.

Don’t worry


Walking in the assurance (confidence/trust) that the Holy Spirit speaks in me and through me

This is the truest faith.

Expect to be hated by those who oppose the gospel & do not fear the critics

It is written so this shouldn’t come as a shock.

Endure until the ends to be saved

Praise God.

Be humble

I had a good laugh one afternoon whilst chatting away with my daughter—reciting the good we learnt that day;

A proud person likes to say they are very humble lol…and a humble person…(I’ll leave this here for us to think a bit…) Remember;God opposes the proud.

God will reveal what is done is done in secret.


Don’t be surprised by persecution and rebellion in children

It is written.

Do not fear/be afraid of man—

Have reverence for God above all.

I’m valuable

My dreams and your dreams (in faith) are valid.

Never be ashamed of the gospel.

Praise God.

Family is not priority but Christ is

Problems in the family are nothing but a constant battle between the sword (The Word of God) and flesh—some people are way too proud to accept the only truth that can set them free. This is why our biggest enemies are our loved ones—Sad truth. God first, then us, then family, and then others.

Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Sacrifice—

It is only through sacrifice that we find Life. How can we sacrifice daily? By denying our own will in exchange for God’s sovereign will.

In regards to Prophets

With all due respect to the servants of God—we thank God for their lives. We must put our trust in God’s will, and not in the prophets. We can only overcome this man war through discernment.

Genesis 10 | A mighty hunter

Selflessly strives

to be a mighty 

hunter of souls 

before the Lord

Solely to 

advance the 


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