Genesis 15–Even in darkness, It is well

They migrate to foreign lands
They suffer
In their suffering
God is with them

They still believe
Even when all that’s evident is suffering
In darkness
God’s certainty never leaves them
They are holding on to the promise
The promise that in the end
All shall be well

Great is when His power
Manifests in darkness
It is well—even in darkness

Mathews 13–In solidarity

In solidarity we think
In solidarity we pray
In solidarity we seek
In solidarity we are strengthened
In solidarity we are pruned
In solidarity we are purified in fire
In solidarity we are the fire
In solidarity we gain wisdom
In solidarity we turn to God when
pressure amounts

In solidarity we get rooted Truth
In solidarity we believe we are seeds in good ground bearing good fruits
In solidarity we hear and understand clearly
In solidarity more we are given
in the faith that we are giving

In solidarity our hearts yearn for God
that we may see and hear to understand
In solidarity we pray to understand
In solidarity we receive the Word with joy
for we are pruned for hard times
In solidarity we are amazed that those were thought of least flourish

In solidarity we find Life and give Life
In solidarity there is a clear difference between good and evil
In solidarity the righteous outshines the rest
In solidarity the despised are embraced
In solidarity we understand these things

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