1. Never give up. It is true when they say nobody remembers that fella who gave up... 2. You are stronger than your pain. Pain dreaful.Pain is inevitable.Tell you what,some of inspirational and  greatest of a few people we know came from hurt,shame,despair, bankruptcy, you name it-Remember that a flower has to grow through dirt... Continue Reading →

This is a really interesting picture that I took last week from my neighbourhood. There is flourishing flowers + dry ones on it,and it reminded me that we at times make a terrible mistake of seeking approval from others when the only One we ought to please is our Lord Jesus Christ. This also brings... Continue Reading →

They say 7 is a number of perfection.14-Even better.The more the merrier-A tremendous outcome. Ever since I was published as an  author, I've been overwhelmed with the love and support from my family,friends,colleques,acquaintances and followers.I will forever be greatful for such warm hearts.I want to thank each and everyone of you guys for your amazing... Continue Reading →

I've realised that most of us at times struggle a lot in achieving our goals (For example; gym goals...)and we sit down and ask ourselves the million dollar question Why??We  try coming up with countless excuses and it all boils down to LACK OF SELF DISCIPLE. Tell you what,When we lack self dscipline to stay committed to our... Continue Reading →


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