Picking up where we left off! I'm making super healthy smoothies for my breakfast all this week so this should cover Day 4 to Day 10. I love smoothies more especially raw greens. They help me kick start my day and it's  a plus to my health.I have to top all this up by drinking... Continue Reading →

1. Never give up. It is true when they say nobody remembers that fella who gave up... 2. You are stronger than your pain. Pain dreaful.Pain is inevitable.Tell you what,some of inspirational and  greatest of a few people we know came from hurt,shame,despair, bankruptcy, you name it-Remember that a flower has to grow through dirt... Continue Reading →

This would be a 5 days series of healthy smothies that will help us kick start our morning hence add necessary nutrients that our bodies would need for that day. I can't wait!I know...I love my smoothies😍.

  Ingredients ☆Banana + Natural yhoghut ☆Blueberries ☆Blackberries ☆Raspberries ☆Curled Parsley How would you prefer to have it? Hot(oven baked)? Or cold?

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