#Look Of The Day By SHe | I love my sunnies!

How do I keep my sunnies away from dust and all? Good question....    I got these lovely fashion containers on sale:  @  Michael Guineys 83 Talbot St, Dublin 1 (01) 874 7221 https://g.co/kgs/s1MprD  I find them super handy to pop in my beauty collections like perfumes,hair equipment,accessories and so forth! I'm actually thinking of... Continue Reading →

#Look Of The Day By SHe | Mix + Match

Hubby dearest picked up my outfit today-He likes white so I kinda like it as well.. Love black and white pictures! Let's strive to see opportunities in every bad situation... #selfie Feel free to join me on instantgram @ sheila_mo_sm

This is one of my favourate handbags!Why?It's portable hence I can carry it two ways! I just pop in the string inside then voila! #happydays

I'm pretty sure you can get this on eBay or something... I hang them by the door lol-This way it keeps them from getting squashed and all. She,will this not damage your door? Ha ha ha!Nope.I don't think so because at times I even hang the one that I use nearly everyday here!Now,imagine how much... Continue Reading →

I used to worry so much about what others thought of me and yerrrrrrrrrr it drained me... Things started changing for the better when I stopped this illusion.I became a more happier person when I stopped comparing myself to others. See,God Almighty is the Only one who breathed a life inside of you. I learnt... Continue Reading →

Oh,I did my nails💅:). I like doing my nails at home and I tell you it's so therapeutic💅. I thought of matching them with my  lipstic💋. So I went pink💞👌💞. This is a Sally Hansen Brand that I bought from some pharmacy around here.It's a clear gel coat that I topped up my pink nail... Continue Reading →

This was years ago back in my native country when I worked as a make up artist for Botswana Televison.I loved it! I will be doing a series here on make up tutorials and reposts links where we will learn together. Well,make up is not my current profession but I presume most girls like a... Continue Reading →

You can create your own animinations via google photos💅. #ideasforyourfashionblog  

I always find it handy to carry an extra pair of flats-Just in case "them heels hurt.."

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