Even in turmoil you are with me I could right a novel about you you know You've been with me through ages Stay with me in ages to come please When all seems hopeless You are still the same Hope Sorry I forget all about you in distress I suffer but in Hope I'm Hopeful... Continue Reading →

"Can I ask you how much you pray for your husband?"   "Uhhhhhh...wow...very little..." "Now I used to do what you and your husband are doing,but it got me no where!" I don't have time to pray that much everyday!" "But you apparently have time to fight loosing battles with your husband..." A great clip... Continue Reading →

They poke you. You Ignore them.They hate you.You bless them.They don’t believe in you.You believe in yourself,above all-God.They persecute you.You come out a champion.They lie about you.You remain strong.They call you names.You keep loving them.They won’t clap hands for you.No bother since you don’t depend on anyone’s approval.Doubts come.Doubts cut and run because of your... Continue Reading →

I once came across a quote that said: "Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from all negativity." Both the battle and freedom are within.We have power over our thoughts to either become free or slaves. You and I have a choice to choose what we want to think.This power is called faith.Everyone has this... Continue Reading →

1. Never give up. It is true when they say nobody remembers that fella who gave up... 2. You are stronger than your pain. Pain dreaful.Pain is inevitable.Tell you what,some of inspirational and  greatest of a few people we know came from hurt,shame,despair, bankruptcy, you name it-Remember that a flower has to grow through dirt... Continue Reading →

They say 7 is a number of perfection.14-Even better.The more the merrier-A tremendous outcome. Ever since I was published as an  author, I've been overwhelmed with the love and support from my family,friends,colleques,acquaintances and followers.I will forever be greatful for such warm hearts.I want to thank each and everyone of you guys for your amazing... Continue Reading →

I used to worry so much about what others thought of me and yerrrrrrrrrr it drained me... Things started changing for the better when I stopped this illusion.I became a more happier person when I stopped comparing myself to others. See,God Almighty is the Only one who breathed a life inside of you. I learnt... Continue Reading →

This is the day the Lord has made;We will rejoice and be glad in it. - Psalm 118:24

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