Today I talked to someone who listened to me and it made such an impact on me that it got me meditating on a deep conversation I had with a dear friend a good few weeks ago... It is so important to listen to others with no interruptions or whatsoever because then through understanding where... Continue Reading →

Most of us have God given gifts and we tend to take for granted the urgency to take a break from most probably social media,toxic relationships,hectic lifestyles hence divert all the attention into what gives us sanity...We are only able take bold steps of faith such learning a new skill when our minds are less... Continue Reading →

Hey guys! You know how I love my greens-Back at it again and it's paying off big time! I made this chickpea salad for my dinner today and now it's my favourite thing like ever... What I've learnt about chickpeas: ▪️High source of protein ▪️ Helps prevent constipation because of the excellence of fibre in... Continue Reading →

Once in a while I share a random post I even forget I have WordPress I'm a really a writer How can a writer forger to write lol I'm a really gifted Mhhh,how can I forget to write How can I forget what what I love I write, share on my social networks and nobody... Continue Reading →

Even in turmoil you are with me I could right a novel about you you know You've been with me through ages Stay with me in ages to come please When all seems hopeless You are still the same Hope Sorry I forget all about you in distress I suffer but in Hope I'm Hopeful... Continue Reading →

Ingredients: Kale Spinach Carrot Cucumber Apple Kiwi Cinnamon AloeVera Juice Enjoy!

Hey guys! A little update on my face charting progress lol.. -I used to do art in school like years ago and learning facechats has brought back those priceless memories...This attempt took me hours and it's made me yearn for more!I can't wait for my next attempt! I tell you,this is absolute therapy for me...... Continue Reading →

Hello my people! Here is a quick video I wanna share with you guys... This has been my morning skincare routine ritual for the... ...-That got me excited and all: STEP 1 Anise Organic Foaming Wash Skin Type: All SKIN TYPES Product Description: Thoroughly clean and restore balance with this vitamin enriched foaming... Continue Reading →

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