I took this picture about 2 hours ago just to share that it is a treasure word that resonates with me from my current read Nothing to lose 1 by Bishop Macedo.Without being truthful-We can't really get the help that we need to be a better people. Sheila Mo Cierpikowska

Today I talked to someone who listened to me and it made such an impact on me that it got me meditating on a deep conversation I had with a dear friend a good few weeks ago... It is so important to listen to others with no interruptions or whatsoever because then through understanding where... Continue Reading →

Most of us have God given gifts and we tend to take for granted the urgency to take a break from most probably social media,toxic relationships,hectic lifestyles hence divert all the attention into what gives us sanity...We are only able take bold steps of faith such learning a new skill when our minds are less... Continue Reading →

Hey guys! You know how I love my greens-Back at it again and it's paying off big time! I made this chickpea salad for my dinner today and now it's my favourite thing like ever... What I've learnt about chickpeas: ▪️High source of protein ▪️ Helps prevent constipation because of the excellence of fibre in... Continue Reading →

Once in a while I share a random post I even forget I have WordPress I'm a really a writer How can a writer forger to write lol I'm a really gifted Mhhh,how can I forget to write How can I forget what what I love I write, share on my social networks and nobody... Continue Reading →

Even in turmoil you are with me I could right a novel about you you know You've been with me through ages Stay with me in ages to come please When all seems hopeless You are still the same Hope Sorry I forget all about you in distress I suffer but in Hope I'm Hopeful... Continue Reading →

Ingredients: Kale Spinach Carrot Cucumber Apple Kiwi Cinnamon AloeVera Juice Enjoy!

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