I've never had so much fun drinking water lol! Ingredients: Tap Water Blueberries Lemon Enjoy-Sheia Mo


Ingredients: I tell you, it is encouraging to drink something that looks attractive! Tap Water Cucumber Lemon Note to self: I should drink more water. Sheila Mo

Enjoy! Full Details Of Ingredients: Carrot Water Onions Butter(Milk) Hone Vegetable Stock Salt Yeast Extract Rice Flour Vegetables(onions,celery) Carrots Parsley Sunflower Oil Fresh coriander Black pepper PS totally gluten free. Oopsy daisy,I almost forgot that I didn't prepare this soup...Ah aaa,so who did this?-Tescos. Sheila Mo

the talk the talk is not even going to post today the talk ain't gonna talk about her goals the talk's focus is on the walk not the talk - poems by sheila mo

Hellos! Now, ☑️Soda Bread Toast ☑️Rocket Leaves ☑️Salmon Enjoy! 'Guess how much my soda bread is?60cents from Tescos!This amounts to P6.00 thus if I were to convert to Botswana currency. Come to think of it-I hear people at times saying eating healthy is expensive...I think it pretty much depends-What do you think? Oh by the... Continue Reading →

A simple healthy breakfast never hurt no one Sheila!You know it's getting out of hand when you are about down with spicy wings for breakfast...Anyways- Ingredients: Wheat Biscuits Sliced Banana Natural Yoghurt Cinnamon Spice 💯% Milled Chia Seeds Extra fruit of the Day Apple Enjoy-Sheila Mo

Hello my friends! What a blessing to see my family and relatives after so long! I came to study in Ireland six years ago with plans to go back after five years but God obviously had other plans for me...I'm actually glad that He did solely because He was able to strengthen my relationship with... Continue Reading →

Hello there! It is page 5 of your 365 page tittled 'My Lovely Self'-Let it be a best seller! Sheila

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