Drink more water-This is every single day without any excuses or whatsoever...Finding it challenging to keep hydrated? Try this at home: ūüĆŅGet a gigantic bottle- Atleast 1.5 litres(It will without a doubt motivate you and those that see your epic water bottle lol). ūüĆŅNow,meditate on this: "My complexion will brighten up + I'll feel and... Continue Reading →

https://youtu.be/6TF9aGUOPvQ Hey guys! This is what I wore to recent audition and I thought of sharing a blog post about my look... Adding some accessories to your look can make a huge difference to your outfit.This is making me laugh even-I got my accessories + the whole outfit from PRIMEMARK,including "machesa"(what we call the sneakers... Continue Reading →

https://youtu.be/xtwtVgzbS9Y My progress: Month 1 thus May 2017 Wearing PRIMEMARK body shaping spanx too lol... #BellyFatMustFall This is the first month that I've started using PRIMEMARK spanx + my waist trainer. I'm so determined to have a flat tummy within the next three months... I'll be posting my progress guys! SHe

Hey guys! Here is a quick review of the product; https://youtu.be/LL_6FAYZwhk It works like a charm-Gets my nail polish removed in seconds,thus if I don't have too many layers of nail polish...but still-It does the job. It smells so divine + perfect for us who love travelling light.It's only 1 euro and 50cents-Super,affordable and handy!

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