Let's be doers in this 2018! One of my genuinely true passions are reading + writing-I learn I lot from both. I realised that the only way to up my game this year is to embrace a public challenge inspired by Saidi Mdala by reading 100 books this year. This is #mybook001of100 in this 2018.Pick... Continue Reading →

https://youtu.be/6TF9aGUOPvQ Hey guys! This is what I wore to recent audition and I thought of sharing a blog post about my look... Adding some accessories to your look can make a huge difference to your outfit.This is making me laugh even-I got my accessories + the whole outfit from PRIMEMARK,including "machesa"(what we call the sneakers... Continue Reading →

"Can I ask you how much you pray for your husband?"   "Uhhhhhh...wow...very little..." "Now I used to do what you and your husband are doing,but it got me no where!" I don't have time to pray that much everyday!" "But you apparently have time to fight loosing battles with your husband..." A great clip... Continue Reading →

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