Drink more water-This is every single day without any excuses or whatsoever...Finding it challenging to keep hydrated? Try this at home: ūüĆŅGet a gigantic bottle- Atleast 1.5 litres(It will without a doubt motivate you and those that see your epic water bottle lol). ūüĆŅNow,meditate on this: "My complexion will brighten up + I'll feel and... Continue Reading →

"Can I ask you how much you pray for your husband?"   "Uhhhhhh...wow...very little..." "Now I used to do what you and your husband are doing,but it got me no where!" I don't have time to pray that much everyday!" "But you apparently have time to fight loosing battles with your husband..." A great clip... Continue Reading →

I made this the other day... ¬†...and I loved it! Ingredients: Prawns,avocado,tomatoe,rocket salad leaves,vegetable seasoning and olive oil. Spill the beans SHe? Oh yeah,I was pintrest inspired! #pintrestpicture I didn't use the exact same ingredients that I see on their picture above because I like trying new things in my kitchen.Feel free to use whatever... Continue Reading →

Hubby dearest loved it! He he he!I'm learning new things lol. #asparagus#butternut#brownrice#curledparsley#ilovecookingformyfamily  

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