Hey guys! This is what I wore to recent audition and I thought of sharing a blog post about my look... Adding some accessories to your look can make a huge difference to your outfit.This is making me laugh even-I got my accessories + the whole outfit from PRIMEMARK,including "machesa"(what we call the sneakers... Continue Reading →

I got most of these neutrals from PRIMEMARK and TK Max. Feel free to watch some of the products that I've reviewed...

Hey guys! I've decided to join the V-Loggers squad and I'm super excited that you are the first to know....I've launced a SHEILA MO LOOK BOOK on my YoTube tunnel to share: ▶Life changing lessons learnt. ▶My natural hair transitioning journey. ▶A healthy lifestyle journey... ▶Product reviews. ▶..and last but farmost- my personal styling journey... Continue Reading →

#Look Of The Day By SHe | Mix + Match

Hubby dearest picked up my outfit today-He likes white so I kinda like it as well.. Love black and white pictures! Let's strive to see opportunities in every bad situation... #selfie Feel free to join me on instantgram @ sheila_mo_sm

This is one of my favourate handbags!Why?It's portable hence I can carry it two ways! I just pop in the string inside then voila! #happydays

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