the talk the talk is not even going to post today the talk ain't gonna talk about her goals the talk's focus is on the walk not the talk - poems by sheila mo

Hey guys! There is so much that have been going on in my life and this "so much" has been stealing my time to write lol.I've just been scrolling on my feed and seeing so many passionate writers amazingly inspired me to push selfie to write as often as she possibly can! I have so... Continue Reading →

1. You may encounter many defeats,but you must not be defeated.Please remember that your difficulties do not define you.They simply strengthen your ability to overcome-Maya Angelou. 2.It always seems impossible until it's done-Nelson Mandela. 3.Tough times never last,but TOUGH people do.-Robert H Schuller. 4.Strength grows in the moments when you think you can't go on... Continue Reading → #Whenhubbydearestcooksđź’–g â–¶Poached Egg seasoned with fresh parsley.â–¶Seasoned with parsley and black pepper. I gotta confess:I enjoyed this because it wasen't perfect...(whispers)

Me?Loving Myself?

Oh yeah! Ever heard of  time and energy wasted on the illusion of getting people to like us?Why don't we all re-direct this precious energy onto loving ourselves instead...-Trust me,it's that simple! Sheila Mo Cierpikowska 

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