Drink more water-This is every single day without any excuses or whatsoever...Finding it challenging to keep hydrated? Try this at home: 🌿Get a gigantic bottle- Atleast 1.5 litres(It will without a doubt motivate you and those that see your epic water bottle lol). 🌿Now,meditate on this: "My complexion will brighten up + I'll feel and... Continue Reading →

the talk the talk is not even going to post today the talk ain't gonna talk about her goals the talk's focus is on the walk not the talk - poems by sheila mo

Let's be doers in this 2018! One of my genuinely true passions are reading + writing-I learn I lot from both. I realised that the only way to up my game this year is to embrace a public challenge inspired by Saidi Mdala by reading 100 books this year. This is #mybook001of100 in this 2018.Pick... Continue Reading →

"Ideas are like rabits.You get a couple and learn how to handle them,and pretty soon you have a dozen." -John Steinbeck Dare to dream big------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Write down your ideas-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Narrow down your ideas to 1 or 2 realistic goals that you can achieve----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Write down a detailed precise time plan to accomplish your goals---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Steps you will take to... Continue Reading →

Photo Credit:https://i.ytimg.com Ha ha ha-Can you relate? â–¶Tank you very very much(Thank you very much)... Meaning; You are super greatful... â–¶Tanks Meaning;Thank you... â–¶Not teh toll(Not at all) Meaning;You are most welcome + I don't mind doing it all over again for you... â–¶No worries Meaning;No problem at all... â–¶She's in good form Meaning;She's in a... Continue Reading →

They poke you. You Ignore them.They hate you.You bless them.They don’t believe in you.You believe in yourself,above all-God.They persecute you.You come out a champion.They lie about you.You remain strong.They call you names.You keep loving them.They won’t clap hands for you.No bother since you don’t depend on anyone’s approval.Doubts come.Doubts cut and run because of your... Continue Reading →

  Ever feel like you've run out of topics or you don't know what to post?I've been there,done that....you know how the story ends! 1.KEEP A NOTEPAD We all have busy lifestyles and I  would say it's handy to keep a notepad.There is absolutely no need to carry your diary everywhere since  we have digital... Continue Reading →

Goals goals goals goals goals goals goals and goals…. Let’s go friends! Source: Team Fitness #motivation

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