Drink more water-This is every single day without any excuses or whatsoever...Finding it challenging to keep hydrated? Try this at home: 🌿Get a gigantic bottle- Atleast 1.5 litres(It will without a doubt motivate you and those that see your epic water bottle lol). 🌿Now,meditate on this: "My complexion will brighten up + I'll feel and... Continue Reading →

When your water vibe is getting pretty and prettier-I'm telling you! Ingredients: Tap Water Lemon Strawberries A girl gotta drink her vitamins... Enjoy! Sheila Mo

the talk the talk is not even going to post today the talk ain't gonna talk about her goals the talk's focus is on the walk not the talk - poems by sheila mo

"Can I ask you how much you pray for your husband?"   "Uhhhhhh...wow...very little..." "Now I used to do what you and your husband are doing,but it got me no where!" I don't have time to pray that much everyday!" "But you apparently have time to fight loosing battles with your husband..." A great clip... Continue Reading →

This is a really interesting picture that I took last week from my neighbourhood. There is flourishing flowers + dry ones on it,and it reminded me that we at times make a terrible mistake of seeking approval from others when the only One we ought to please is our Lord Jesus Christ. This also brings... Continue Reading →

I've realised that most of us at times struggle a lot in achieving our goals (For example; gym goals...)and we sit down and ask ourselves the million dollar question Why??We  try coming up with countless excuses and it all boils down to LACK OF SELF DISCIPLE. Tell you what,When we lack self dscipline to stay committed to our... Continue Reading →


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