The 2 in 1 + Tong are super affordable at PRIMEMARK lovies and very light for travelling-I got both of them for €25-Talk about saving tips!Come to think of it, think I would prefer to travel with with just the 2 in 1 instead of the both of them...

Hey guys! Here is a quick review of the product; It works like a charm-Gets my nail polish removed in seconds,thus if I don't have too many layers of nail polish...but still-It does the job. It smells so divine + perfect for us who love travelling light.It's only 1 euro and 50cents-Super,affordable and handy!

Photo Credit: Ha ha ha-Can you relate? ▶Tank you very very much(Thank you very much)... Meaning; You are super greatful... ▶Tanks Meaning;Thank you... ▶Not teh toll(Not at all) Meaning;You are most welcome + I don't mind doing it all over again for you... ▶No worries Meaning;No problem at all... ▶She's in good form Meaning;She's in a... Continue Reading →

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