Today I talked to someone who listened to me.It made such a great impact on me that I got inspired to meditate on a conversation I’ve had with a dear friend of mine.

I can’t stress this enough-It is so important to listen to others-With no interruptions or whatsoever.Through giving an ear,we are able to understand where they coming from hence help.Why is it so hard to listen to others if we say we should be heard?

God will give us the wisdom to counsel/guide/correct/encourage/comfort them thus if we have the patience to listen to them.

What a privilege it is to see others trust to open up to us!Wha are we doing cutting them off-We don’t even let them finish what they want to tell us.Sad truths.

It is impolite to interrupt.Quiet frankly,there is nothing worse than not being allowed to finish what you want to express-Talking from experience,I at times have felt worse after opening up to someone and even regretted talking to them in the first place,all because they didn’t listen!

Food for thought:Where is the guidance then coming from,if at all we don’t allow God to speak in our minds?Where is the direction coming from-If we don’t allow God to inspire us?

“When we don’t allow God to speak through us,He won’t speak,but our flesh will.” Deep. -Something learnt from a beautiful friend I called little sis.Come think of it-How dangerous it is to pass what is not of faith to others!Lamentation.

This makes me tremble remembering a scripture that says, we will be held accountable for the words that we speak.

This is worth respecting:We want to be listened to.Do we listen ourselves?Let me rephrase,I’m I listening to others?

What are we advising on,if we don’t understand the will of God?What are we advising on if we don’t listen?

I’m a work in progress myself-In a challenging journey of learning how to be a good listener,please God.

Sheila Mo

3 thoughts on “What If We Listened…

  1. Love this! I learned to listen without interrupting as I was terrible at doing that. It has not only helped me tremendously with my communication skills, but also helped whoever I was talking to open up more.

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