Genesis 9

The promise;

The Lord will appear to you.

The promise will be tasted and seen,

by those who sacrifice, and obey.

So help me obey, and not be give in 

to opposition, or be distracted

by opposition that’s rooted in envy 

I pray.

Lest I be the one full

of opinions,

I pray.

Forgive my transgressions,

I pray.

I will see Him face to face—

this is my lifetime prayer,

I pray—


The glory of the Lord—

is that I see Him face to face—


Mathews 9 | He reacts 

He reacts

When He sees faith.

A blessing to

someone is a consequence

of an action of a  faith of 

someone’s heart—such

is a walk in love.

He sees what’s within.

He sees our inner motives.

He reacts to our thoughts.

What are my thoughts—this 

truest instance?

Lest I think I’m righteous!

Why I’m I wailing?

Better make room for Him.

They will ridicule you 

believer—just as they

ridiculed Him—Hope this 

comforts you believer!

The wise don’t need 

a stage to perform.

The wise give in secret, 

and their reward becomes 

a public spectacle—

all for His Glory.

Mould my heart, Oh Lord—

That I may see what’s unseen

in it, and fall before you

in repentance.

He reacts to a repentant heart.

He reacts to a repentant sinner—

For this is where the wise

are strengthened.

A new heart rejoices.

If only I may experience,

a swift of His robe—my heart shall 

be made whole.

To such faith, He reacts.

Amen and amen—

to Mathew 10:38

He reacts to faith in action

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