Hello family!

My morning Meditation from the Old Testament; Genesis Chapter Five—enthralling read indeed!

It is amazing how God pays attention to us. He knows details of my lineage. Some people are just ordained by God Himself. See the way He pauses at Noah saying, “This one will comfort us concerning our work and the tool of our hands, because of the ground which the Lord has cursed.”

Look at how God is always in tune with the bigger picture? I mean His compassion on humanity is mind blowing family!

I was lying still in my bed last night—meditating, following the instructions I had just read from Psalms 4. In that sacred moment, the word compassion nestled in my heart. I knew instantly that I had to pray for my heart to be right with God, and more zealous in regards to His ministry of reaching others through me, including all He’s called for His Divine Purpose.

Now I ask again; Are you God’s “this one?” Is your heart pure enough (free from grudges, bitterness, et cetera et cetera?)—For God’s compassion to work in and through you?

It is through humanity that God reaches more of His “this ones.’’

The Holy Spirit ministered to my heart this morning to google the meaning of my name. I was greatly blessed with “the roll out” to my name;

“Sheila (alternatively spelled Shelagh and Sheelagh) is a common feminine given name, derived from the Irish name Síle, which is believed to be a Gaelic form of the Latin name Caelia, the feminine form of the Roman clan name Caelius, meaning ‘heavenly’.

Meaning: Heavenly

It’s very rare for me to find something that I read again and again and again.

The meaning of my name is thought provoking to say the least—You see family, I’ve found myself thinking, a lot about this meaning, since I first read it this morning. I was intrigued. So, I researched some more, and this is what I found as well;

“A great and loving person, someone that you can call a sister.The most amazing cook ,generous heart,caring and loving. She is funny and loves to dance even if it is to her own music. Life is full of fun and funny stories with lots of laughter when you are with her. She pushes her self out of her comfort zone to accomplish the tasks that’s placed before her with a job well done. When you are sad or feeling ill she is the first one to respond to your side.”

If your a Sheila set your goals high, Because this is what Sheila’s do.—Urban Dictionary.

It is Cool to be a Sheila…Bright, Smart and Beautiful in side and out. Most of all in tune with the Spirit of God!

Sheila: Spiritual,Good Humored,loving and caring.-By Shasha lopez February 03, 2010 (https://www.urbandictionary.com/author.php?author=Shasha%20lopez)

Where I’m I going with all this? You might not find a meaning to what your name means, or might not find what you’ve hoped for or like. Rest assured. God knows you, even the number of hairs in your head. Whether we hear good things about us or not, He knows your name. Whether we hear terrible things about us or not, He loves us unconditionally. Let God be God and have the final say to your name. He has ordained purpose for your life—and I emphasise Biblical truths about your identity yet again; The very hairs on your head are all numbered. So, don’t be afraid; You are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.(Luke 12:7)

No one was born in vain. We all exist for a reason (heavenly purpose,) and for someone else who doesn’t know God to come face to face with Him. You will comfort many—if you are willing…

Them Blessed |My Evening meditation from the New Testament (Mathews 5:1-20)

Them soul winners are blessed

Them Kingdom builders are blessed

Them humble are blessed

Them compassionate are blessed

Them fearless are blessed

Them purest are blessed

Them hard workers are blessed

Them lights of the word are blessed

Them persecuted in Him are blessed

Them peacemakers are blessed

Them righteous are blessed

Them blessed are blessed

Be encouraged family!

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